Sign up below! If there's a Volunteer in your area they will text you to coordinate a delivery. Typically in the US you'll hear from us in four weeks though in some areas it could take longer due to an increased number of requests.  We are just starting out in Canada and Australia so it may take longer as we continue to expand.

While some of our Volunteers are able to deliver extras, most of the time you'll get exactly what you're signing up for - an amazing, home-cooked lasagna or main dish.

Please be kind to our volunteers regardless of what they're able to give, especially if you've requested in the past and have received more than lasagna. Please only use this form to sign up for yourself. If you'd like to nominate someone for Lasagna Love, please click here.

Select your country of residence
Must be a street address we can deliver to, no PO Boxes please!
Based on deliveries over the last six months in your neighborhood, this is about how many days you'll wait for your lasagna.
Your Volunteer will text you to coordinate.
We've found that about 10% of requests have incorrect phone numbers - thank you for double checking yours!
Please only check yes if you are truly in need of a custom dish. We have a limited number of Volunteers that can accommodate, so your meal may take longer. Please help us reserve these spots for people who truly need them! Because all meals are prepared in a family kitchen, we are not able to accommodate allergy requests that are severe or life-threatening.
It's ok if it's zero, we're still happy to help!